Company Profile

Bluenet Technologies was founded in 2000 with the purpose of providing a new breed of infotainment services and applications.

We have evolved to support our sister company, Stevic Singapore, with software design and integration for microprocessor cards catering to transport and logistics, identity and banking applications.

Our Market Focus

Bluenet is upbeat about the demand for information delivery and payment solutions and has embarked on key initiatives towards these fields, with Near Field Communication - NFC mobile payment solutions in the forefront of our development.

We have a passion and desire to collaborate with like-minded corporations to exploit new markets using our technologies.


Bluenet has the capability to develop a secure operating system targeted for various families of microcontrollers, which is to be packaged in Proximity Integrated Circuit Inlets (PICI) suitable for incorporation in plastic cards and passport booklets. Our operating system, identified as BcOS, will be fully compliant with international standards and certification. Besides having a full range of administrative native functionalities required for the PICI lifecycle management, BcOS also supports the Global Platform Card Personalisation Specification (CPS) for a truly flexible personalisation.

Integral parts of our BcOS solution are the initialisation and personalisation libraries, contact-less transport protocol and anti-collision libraries required for a facilitated software integration. BcOS is able to deal with different hardware platforms.

Infotainment Team

Bluenet's business objective is to create and provide new generation of infotainment services and solutions. These would extend beyond commercial and office uses, into home and even personal lifestyle. Our market are content providers and anyone looking beyond normal means infotainment content dissemination.

We seek constantly to innovate and provide new channels for information and entertainment content distribution, by converging the technologies of internet, multimedia and wireless. The services would be real time and location based.

Bluenet Technologies Private Limited